Dying to grow your sales so that you NEVER have to accept abysmally low paid contracts ever AGAIN?

This workshop on how to grow sales overcoming obstacles is for YOU

If you are a small business owner or self employed :

consultant, coach, trainer, teacher, freelancer, artist, entrepreneur, lawyer, accountant, psychologist…


and You are...

Struggling to motivate yourself to get more customers,

Settling for a lower fee than you’re worth,

Avoid networking for fear of sounding stupid,


You may have tried forcing yourself to...

network, see clients,  control your stress, overcome your fear…

With variable success and comfort levels

Or avoiding

Occasions to sell,  important business events,  growing your business…

And if it’s OK on your turnover & your quality of life,

that may be fine….

But if it's not OK for YOU

You want things to CHANGE, you’re in the right place!

Let get’s started!


Grow sales overcome obstacles

Workshop objectives


Identify where you are stuck

Determine WHERE in the selling process you want to be more effective & feel more comfortable in order to grow your sales.




Manage difficult emotions

In a sales situation, fear, anxiety or stress are common companions.

Learn HOW to

  • leverage these emotions to your benefit
  • deal with them differently and stop them from overwhelming you in this critical situation
  • build your self confidence, day by day

Discover YOUR tools

Go back to work the next day with your own sales process tool box, adjusted to YOUR needs & designed to overcome YOUR personal obstacles.

These tools cover topics such as :

  • how to choose your strategy & determine your business objective,
  • how yo develop your self confidence
  • how to manage difficult conversations or clients,
  • how to deal with emotions




Establish your personal action plan

WHAT you want to focus on

HOW to increase your productivity and (re)gain some pleasure in this essential yet often disliked process.



Who is this Grow your sales, overcome your obstacles workshop for?

Small business owners+ self employed workers (liberal professionals, consultants, artists, entrepreneurs, coaches..)

It’s critical for anyone who sell services & is often required to negotiate fees or contracts

What Other Participants Have Said About the “Grow sales, overcome obstacles” workshop

Don’t just take it from me, let my clients do the talking!

“Honestly my favorite thing was meeting everyone and knowing that I am not the only one who feels unsure of how to sell myself.

Brainstorming and analysing the different elements that come into play was clarifying and it brought up things that I would not necessarily have listed if I had done the exercise alone.
Finally I very much appreciate that you gave us some practical tips that we can integrate into our sales process.”

“I liked Alexia’s trainer skills : clear, involved, with a sense of humour and a good choice of venue. I also appreciated the wide range of people, from different industries.

If I would recommend this workshop to a friend, I would say that it enables you to have an external perspective on who we are when involved in the sales process. This view helps you consider your obstacles in a different light & to start to overcome them”


Health professional

Detailed content

This workshop is meant to be practical and inspired from your professional activities.

We will use what you struggle with in your daily job as a basis for practicing new tools and perspective.

In order to fine tune the workshop content to participants’ needs, after your registration, I will send you a short questionnaire on your activity and current issues.

During our day we will cover :

  • Overview of sales process and key issues/risks at each stage
  • What drives a successful process and in particular its closing
  • Emotions we encounter when in a sales context and how to leverage them rather than fight them
  • How to cultivate your self confidence
  • Tools to overcome your current obstacles, feel and do better
  • Practical exercices, personal thinking/review time, brainstorm.

Don’t join me if you aren’t :

  • Ready to revisit your current business objectives and strategy
  • Willing to work hard on your REAL sales pain points (you know, the ones that make you sign this almost slavery contract instead of walking away or accepting to do the work in 3 days instead of 15 days or making you wait for the phone to ring instead of going out and meeting your clients… See what I mean already… )
  • Able to share with others your struggles and have some fun along the way!
  • Frustrated with your current business situation (lack of clients, revenues, quality contracts, nice clients…) and wanting things to change NOW

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why this workshop?

Grow sales with Alexia, expert problem solver

I am an expert problem solver, a coach and I trainer whose passion is to get people unstuckmore details on me

I originally come from the corporate world, where I was involved in the selling process and, like many of you, I didn’t find this particularly easy. And this was when whether a sale was concluded or not, I still got my paycheck!

I then too became an independent professional and, through many meetings and discussions with other entrepreneurs, startupers, freelancers, consultants, I realized to what extent we could find ourselves stuck in our sales process and this, despite our best efforts and often considerable amount of skills.

Selling a corporate product can be tricky but selling yourself, through your services, can be considerably harder to start off with. The stakes are higher (no paycheck) and we are the product! 

You can read many sales books, attend sales training techniques, know what you SHOULD do, say, offer but unfortunately, often when in the actual sale situation, it doesn’t always goes as planned. And this is when you start feeling bad…

My workshop is NOT about selling techniques, it’s about what you can do, on a personal but also interpersonal level, to be able to APPLY the relevant sales tactics.

It focusses on your mindset, your expectations (of yourself, of others) and on your emotional state in these often stressful situations (networking, public speaking, presentations, sales pitch, contract negotiations).

I have no magic wand but I have the ability to provide you with a perspective that will help you change how your approach your sales next time round, in a fashion in line with who you are and how you want to conduct business. This isn’t a one for all recipe.

I look forward to you joining us!

Can't this be done in less than 1 day? I find this expensive.

I’m conscious that, for small business owners, 1 day is already a huge time commitment, on top of the actual budget required.

I’ve worked hard to deliver all the critical information on this complex process in an easy to digest yet actionable format that fits in just 1 day.

250€ (or 8 average lunch in a Paris restaurant) is an investment for your business for the year(s) to come.

I’m confident that by investing this day in your business, you will make back the investment very quickly.

One  participant, just after a workshop, negotiated a 50% increase on her contract, based on what she had learnt worked for her.

Are they any prerequisites?

To benefit from the workshop you need to

  • Have had some exposure to the sales process, even if you are only starting out (Who am I, what do I offer?)
  • Have the willingness to share your experience and work on alternative solutions to your current sale process issues.
  • Be comfortable in a informal but professional environment and respect participantsindividual objectives.
What is your satisfaction guarantee?

If, after attending the 1 day workshop, you aren’t satisfied 100% with your experience, what your learnt, the tools your discovered, then I’ll be happy to refund you.

I value our relationship and my reputation more than a few hundred euros.

So go ahead, join us for a day of work & fun around the sales process and see if this is the right approach for you.

But you’ll never know unless you take the chance and invest the time in your business and yourself.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your registration, the refund policy is as follows:

  • 30 days or more before the day : 90% refund
  • 15-29 days before the day : 50% refund. 
  • Less than 15 days before the day : no refund

I reserve the right to cancel a workshop if the minimum number of participants is not reached. In this case, you will of course be given a full refund (100%). 


When is this workshop?

The next session is scheduled on Jan 28th. 2016.

The workshop will start at 9.30 sharp. We will break for lunch (not provided in the price) and the workshop will end around 17.30

Where is the workshop

The workshop will take place in Paris, in a venue easily accessible by public transport. The exact location will be provided latest 2 weeks before the scheduled workshop.

Don't Be Shy

If I didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop me a line anytime.