Hi, I’m Alexia van Schaardenburg

but just call me Alexia, it’s simpler.

I’m a professional coach, mentor and trainer, specialising in problem resolution & getting people unstuck.

Located in Paris, I work with English and French speaking employees or entrepreneurs who need to resolve a work situation that’s making them miserable.

Through my coaching, they regain control over their work life by learning how to address difficult emotions, deal with complicated, conflicting or damaging relationships, attain business clarity and overcome specific barriers preventing them from achieving what they want.

Originally from the corporate world – my last stint being at Microsoft, I am now a certified master practitioner of Palo Alto systemic and strategic coaching (IGB/MRI).

My mission is to help you find an effective & durable solution to your painful, confusing or frustrating work situation


Whether this is

  • with your bossclientbusiness partner (conflict, harassment, unreasonable expectations or behaviors..)
  • or your performance (‘I want to be more assertive or procrastinate less or decide faster or more easily’)
  • or with your feelings (‘I need to relax more, be more chilled, more motivated, less burnt out, etc..’)
  • with your business strategy (‘is entrepreneurship for me, I’m not sure who I should be selling to, is this business going to survive, what are my options?’)


All of us have been stuck at least once. Welcome to the club and that’s most probably why you are here.

We get stuck or lost or overwhelmed, not because of who we are but because sometimes, the context changes and whatever was working for us stops being effective and we fail to realize that or find it hard to take a step back and figure out a different path. Or it’s just a totally new situation to you and you’re unequipped.

It’s unpleasant, its often painful but it’s also reassuring : we are not robots, programmed with scripts to deal with every situation the ‘right way’ (and, at this stage, the right way is what is effective and acceptable to you in your situation, not your colleague’s ‘right way’).

Our brain is not wired to store all possible options so we focus on whatever makes more sense to us, to our situation and whatever is most consistent with how we see the world and what we value.
And that works 99% of the time.

I work with people stuck in the 1% – the situation where usually effective solutions no longer work well enough or where you have no idea where to start.

Where the more you try to tackle it, the worst its starts to feel and the more helpless or frustrated you become.

Going back to ‘daily life’ (or a better version) can only be achieved by actually changing how you perceive, respond and feel about your situation..and doing the work. Because if whatever solution you are using right now isn’t working, chances are, it ain’t going to get better…

I help you unpack exactly what you are stuck with – it sounds obvious but often it isn’t – otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.

My secret sauce

Using the Palo Alto Systemic and Strategic Approach, I work with you to identify what hasn’t worked so far so that you don’t continue going down that route endlessly. I then provide you with the support required to try a different route, one leading, thanks to your work, to problem resolution.

You may be surprised by some of my suggestions – unusual but proven strategies to lead to durable change.

I also build with you with an anti-relapse toolbox, because changing how we address a difficult situation isn’t that easy and often there are slip backs and that OK. Because relapse is not failure, it’s an opportunity to learn and fine tune your problem resolution toolbox and consolidate your change.

Getting unstuck manifesto

I believe that everyone has the resources necessary to change a painful or frustrating situation, with the right support and the appropriate amount of effort and motivation.
Sometimes my clients realize that the efforts required to change durably a situation are not worth it and that’s ok. I’ve just given them back their ability to choose their life.

I believe in my skills but sadly I have no magic wand. Working with me towards your desired change is accepting to take responsibility for doing the work, for sometimes facing difficult situations, feelings or choices. And I will support you 150% along the way.

Happy to meet you!

Signature Alexia Get Unstuck Expert problem solver

Alexia coaching work business relationship conflicts

What some of my clients say about how I work

 My fear prior to the  first session was whether or not the problem point would be determined to be insurmountable or my idea stupid or out of my reach.  Fortunately it wasn’t the case. It was good to learn that most problems and blocks can be corrected, or at least contoured . I particularly appreciated the relaxed atmosphere, the good counter questions and an excellent objectivity. Alexia keeps the conversation on track and uses professional ‘ tools’ in an efficient and effective  manner
Alexia is always articulate, frank, pleasant, has an excellent command of English, is professionally knowledgable & objective. She helped me to compartmentalize the trouble spots, rather than be over whelmed by them, helped redirect problems and those sticky issues to a position of strength when possible.  
Her multi-cultural perspective is also a huge huge asset.

I had not concern priori to meeting alexia apart from not finding a suitable solution to my problem. The session helped me identify one.
The atmosphere was relaxed, the discussion informal. I ad more the impression to be discussing my situation with a friend than to be in the office of a coach. It helped me feel at ease and listened to. Alexia is a very deep listener.

I went to see Alexia because I couldn’t find on my own a solution to my problem. I cam out feeling lighter and more at peace and, most importantly, with solutions in line with who I am.



I met Alexia by chance at a networking event. Everything Alexia said made sense to me. She was a great listener and proposed real solutions to my questions.

Alexia gives great advice from crazy power-poses to do before interviews to solid strategies for negotiating contracts.

When my head begins to fill with self-doubt about my career and professional skills, I call her. After talking to Alexia, I always feel more confident and calm.

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