At work, no one wants to be stuck, confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed. 

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I’m Alexia.

I build with professionals and entrepreneurs pragmatic action plans to break out of their dead end today.

How? With a fresh perspective, support & effective problem solving strategies

What are you stuck with at work?

Complicated, conflictual or damaging relationships

  • Barely surviving the day with a difficult boss, team member, partner or key client, you hate feeling that vulnerable or stuck. Some people even mention harassment.
  • Between you and your business partner, it’s gone from Starsky et Hutch to the Godfather…and the business is starting to be affected.
  • Some of your clients drive you crazy but getting rid of them is too risky or not possible and, besides fleeing to the cayman islands, you are forced to put up with them.

Overwhelming feelings


  • You see yourself burning out fast yet you struggle to assign priorities or change course, you’re starting to feel doomed. …
  • Your motivation has gone AWOL and despite your efforts, you haven’t located it yet and it starts to worry you, particularly as your boss or client has started to notice.
  • Every morning, you start your workday with a lump in your throat or a strong urge to cry and you don’t know how to manage another day…
  • Certains situations drive you totally crazy and you end up loosing it. You hate it, particularly when it’s in front of your boss but right now it’s just gone beyond your control.
  • You know that you need to change your job or even career but the idea of making a mistake paralyses you so you stay put and feel drained by it all.

Unable to reach your full potential

  • Desperately failing not to be paralyzed or hyper stressed before your important presentation, meeting or client negotiation
  • You’ve filled with doubts about yourself, you can see your self confidence walking away and it seems more and more impossible for you to reach your goals.
  • You need to build your leadership but just telling yourself to the mirror every morning ‘I am a kick ass leader‘ is currently not working so well for you …
  • Until now, you managed your habit of putting things off to the last minute but it’s starting to really put you into trouble and you want to break free from it and become more productive.


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Start to get unstuck with Alexia

When the usual solutions won’t do.

When dodging or trying harder just doesn’t cut it.

When regaining clarity is a priority.

Having a work issue that you can’t seem to get rid of despite all your efforts is really hard (not to mention unpleasant and exhausting).

It feels like being stuck in a dead end, with nowhere to go, nowhere to hide..and time passing by…and it just started raining….It is particularly frustrating when all your usual tactics, those solutions you know of – or other people tell you about –  don’t work no more.

You start questioning your skills, your sanity, your ability to resolve this or whether you have tried hard enough. You even wonder if you might not have to just get used to living with it. You feel seriously stuck and let’s face it, it sucks.

Nobody wants a problem they can’t resolve but yet, sometimes it happens.


Who am I?

Alexia Get unstuck Problem solving

I am Alexia van Schaardenburg but everyone just calls me Alexia. I’m a French-Dutch (hence the impossible surname), European educated bilingual coach, mentor & trainer.

My clients are French & English speaking professionals or business owners who want to get out of a dead end today without spending years analyzing the past.

I help them resolve an emotional, interpersonal or performance issue that’s making their life difficult right now with a pragmatic, supportive yet no fluff approach. 

I am a certified Master Practicioner in Palo Alto systemic & strategic coaching & psychotherapy (IGB/MRI).

  • Support in a difficult situation 99%
  • Pragmatic help 99%
  • Creative problem solving 95%
  • Ability to understand your situation 90%
  • Respect of who you are and what you value 98%
  • Theory and one size fits all approach 5%
  • Provide you advice you’ve already been given 5%
Before our first appointment, I was concerned that Alexia's approach would not help me overcome my problem. I feared I would be given simple theoretical recommandations, which I would have struggled to put into practice.
I particularly appreciated Alexia's listening skills & personalized understanding, achieved thanks to a gradual and non judgmental approach. From one session to the next, our work continued where we had left it, and each new consultation constituted a new step towards the desired change.
I would say that, to get you unstuck, this approach uses practical tasks adapted to each issue. It enables you to quickly & effectively get out of an apparently blocked situation in which you find yourself. 
It also sheds a new light on it and allows you to get rid of negative ideas or jugements we may have when faced with a recurring problem.
In any case, I would strongly recommend to at least try a session, to see if this approach suit you!
Isabelle, Paris

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Photos – Nadine Court 2015/2016